Loomy is a nice wood utensil used to weave a simple manner without complicated needles. It is much more convenient and faster. Even if you have not picked up needles in your life ... Loomy is so intuitive that you will forget dense video-tutorials and workshops to needle you can not attend due to time constraints.

Teach your granny to knit.You can not believe it!

More details

1 - Recommendation! Loomy + hook:

If you want to buy your wood knit loom "Loomy ", do not forget an essential element : the knit hook. We've specially brought this item from Mexico to Europe. Without it you can not knit as fast neither as easy. We recommend it ! :)

2 - The wood:

We have chosen the wood for the Loomy knit board. In Your Loom Knitting believe in a specific product to knitting , do easy point . If Loomy were plastic hook fitting on him , unable to drag the same , in other words , would slip and you could not move as fast . So Loomy is made of ash wood.

3 - Preserving the environment:

Additionally, Your Loom Knitting respects and complies with environmental preservation . You can extend this information here.

4 - Weight:

Do not forget that Loomy has the exact weight to hold the point , quite light for knitting.

5 - Philosophy:

Knitting Revolution Practice , Practice slow life . It will become a pleasure! You will forget the Smartphone, the problems ...

Remember our philosophy :

Do it Yourself, Do it easy