Kit neck CORN

Do it your self. With this kit you will. It doesn't matter if it's for you or if it's for a gift. It will be an incredible, compact and completely different wool neck.

This YLK Kit contains:

One 'Loomy', your fashion knitting board + 2 balls of pure merino wool of 100 grams + detailed patterns + our special knitting hook + one Japanese button ...

This month, a portable bag for FREE!

More details

You will do it faster than your granmy and without use needles. And it looks as good as the picture, or even better!.

You can make your own style by closing your wool-neck with our Japanese button or by joining the two ends of it. If you want it for a gift, don't hesitate, because it's ideal for knit all kinds of garments and always you'll be fine. This kit is medium difficulty and our advice is to combine it with a casual.