Loomy & Hook

This kit contains a Loomy and a hook.

Loomy: An amazing ash wood handmade utensil. Weave simple with no complicated needles; that is, much more convenient and faster. If you think it's hard to learn to knitting with needles, get a Loomy. It's so intuitive and simple that you will want to throw your needles away.

Hook: Specially brought from Mexico for you, it's perfect designed for Loomy.

More details

1 - Recommendation Loomy + hook. :
If you want to buy your wood Loomy , do not forget an essential element : The hook . This item we've specially brought from Mexico to Europe. Without it you can not knit as fast or as easy. So we sell a pack, hook because life just is not the point shows ,we recommend it ! :)
2 - Material:
The material chosen for the Loomy is not random . In Your Loom Knitting believe in a specific product to knitting , do easy point . If Loomy were plastic hook fitting on him , unable to drag it; in other words, would slip and you could not move as fast . So Loomy is made of ash wood.
3 - Preserving the environment:
Additionally, Your Loom Knitting respects and complies with environmental preservation . You can extend this information here .
4 - Weight:
Do not forget that Loomy has the exact weight to hold the point ; quite light for knitting.
5 - Philosophy :
Knitting Revolution Practice , Practice slow life . It will become a pleasure! You will forget the Smartphone, the problems ...
Remember our philosophy :
Do it Yourself, Do it easy